MusikTalente competition 2022 . . .


We are pleased to announce that we have made the decision to hold

the competition in person if there are at least 35 registrations !

Please send a copy of your sheet music by either e-mail

                                                to:    MusikTalente Wettbewerb 2022


                                                    Cornelia Blanche

                                                    Lessingstrasse 1

                                                    D - 65549 Limburg / Lahn

Dear young Musicians !

You do not have to abandon the competition because of the current situation.

All you have to do is register online by April 15, 2022 and let us know

in which form (presence or online) you would like to participate!

IMPORTANT: Further information can be found in the Conditions of Participation.

Participants are free to choose their programme. It should include two pieces from different

style epochs and be appropriate to the level of performance of the player.

The recording:

The participant can be filmed in picture and tone in a video while presenting the selected repertoire (one take). A second or more contributions of the same person are possible

(Solo/ Duo/ Ensemble).

Important !

  1. Quality of the video: A professional video is not expected. Nevertheless, the competition entry should have the best possible audio and video quality. Insufficient sound and/or image quality may lead to the exclusion of the contribution.

  1. Video editing is not permitted: The video may not be edited, but must run from start to finish.

  Image detail: On the video itself the head, arms, hands and  feet of the musicians must be

    clearly visible. A fixed camera position showing this would be best.

  1. Audio recording: The audio recording in the video should be acoustic and not electronically amplified. In case a microphone is used, it should be for recording purposes only.

  1. Perform as if live on stage: On the video, the performer should behave as if it was a performance in front of an audience. Recording can be done at home, in a (music) school,  a concert hall or any other place where a suitable instrument is available.

  1. Announcement: At the beginning of his or her presentation, each participant shall clearly pronounce his or her first and last name, age and the repertoire he or she will now play.
    For example: "My name is Clara Blanche, I am 16 years old and I will play the following pieces for you today ......"
    Apart from this announcement, no one may speak on the video, otherwise the contribution will be disqualified.

  Title of the video: The MusikTalente competition video must be titled and named:

    "MusikTalente competition 2022 [first and last name of the player]"; all words separated

    by spaces, for example "MusikTalente competition 2022 Clara Blanche".


Announcement of the winners:

The winners will be informed by e-mail at the end of May 2022: A list will also be published on the homepage. Please understand that the decisions of the jury are final and that due to the current situation any contact with the jurors will remain unanswered.                                                                                     

Online registration and videos by direct upload